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Jasper The Dinosaur Book

Jasper's Bedtime Dream

In the new and amazingly fun and beautifully illustrated book, 'Jasper’s Sleepyhead Adventures - With Jasper The Dinosaur' by J Adam, meet Jasper the Sleepyhead Dinosaur…your child’s new best friend.

But don’t be alarmed; Jasper is not like your ordinary and “scary” dinosaur. Jasper is actually a very fun-loving little dinosaur that loves to play with his amazing toys by day, but when he dozes off at night and sleeps..

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Featured writer

Ned Campbell

Ned Campbell is the author of books on the Paleo diet and is a dedicated advocate of the healthy and sustainable Paleo lifestyle.

A native of the Colorado Rockies, Campbell originally discovered the Paleo diet during his father’s battle with Parkinson’s, and continues to spread the good word in the fight against degenerative diseases of all kinds.