Amy Gilchrist

Amy Gilchrist has been a student of the traditional forms of yoga for many years, when she learned of the numerous benefits of yoga not just for the body but for the mind as well. She settled on putting together a book which outlines some basic yoga poses that anyone can try. This is how she came to write "Yoga For Beginners - Essential Poses For Yoga Beginners". It is an extremely simple book which anyone can follow as the paragraphs outline the process to do the various poses is followed by an illustration which makes it even easier to understand.

Amy is aware that some are a bit skeptical over trying yoga for religious of other reasons but tries to convey that the benefits of yoga far outweigh any negative aspect it could have.

Amy then started to do research on the hot forms of yoga like Bikram and Moksha hot yoga as they started to become more popular. She was intrigued by the fact that these forms of yoga were carried out in rooms set to a certain temperature. Not one to balk at a challenge she took it upon herself to try out both forms to see if she would add this to the growing list of yoga styles that she was on her way to mastering.

This led to the decision to write the book "Bikram and Moksha hot yoga - A Closer Look". This would be a book that would help others to have an understanding of the two forms of hot yoga as well. Amy provides wonderful insight into the world of Bikram and Moksha hot yoga.