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Published Date: September 1, 2015

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9.1 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches
English, French


“Jaspers Bedtime Dream – How A Dinosaur Handles A Bully” is a children’s story book about a fun loving adventurous little dinosaur named Jasper and the exciting experiences he ends up dreaming about after getting to bed after a long day playing with his toys. You and your children will love Jasper and his adventures, where Jasper encounters pirates and pirate adventures and exploring an island. Follow Jasper with this story about a dinosaur complete with a great
lesson too. This is a children’s book that can really bring parents and children together where both can enjoy Jasper’s story.

Author Information

As a children’s book author I really enjoyed writing my children’ books.Starting with my first book “My Alphabet Adventure – ABC Picture Book For Toddlers”, an alphebet children learning book. My second book was “My Counting Book – 123 Picture Book For Toddlers”, a book to help children learn their numbers. My first ever children’s fiction book “Jaspers Bedtime Dream – How A Dinosaur Handles A Bully” was like my other books born out of a desire to create achildren’s book that both parents and children can enjoy together.


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