J. Mahoney

I have enjoyed Mexican food from all the years I lived in Southern California, where I went to many Mexican restaurants. Since moving back to upstate New York near Buffalo, however, I have been disappointed with the lack of authentic Mexican Restaurants. Many people mistakenly think that Mexican food is difficult, but most dishes can be quite easy to prepare from a few basic ingredients. I wrote, "Cooking Mexican", to give a background to cooks that are new to Mexican food.

Because of my love of Mexican food that I decided to write Easy Mexican Cooking. I wanted create a book about Mexican cooking that would help and inspire the cook who may be a fan of Mexican food after having enjoyed it in Mexican restaurants and now want to prepare great Mexican dishes at home.

I also became interested in crockpot cooking because of the many benefit Also, many easy crock pot recipes of popular dishes are now so widely available, such as the crock pot chicken recipe, beef stew recipe, pork roast recipe, etc. In researching my next book "The Cookbook Of Crockpot Recipes" I discovered that just using one of these recipes, a delicious meal can be easily created for just about any family. Crockpot cooking can be very nutritious because of the fresh, wholesome ingredients used in the cooking.

I have also looking into the health benefits of smoothies and how they can be an easy way provide your body with essential nutrients. With "The Book Of Smoothies - 35 Great Smoothie Recipes", I wanted to put together a book detailing the exact ingredients to use in your smoothie that could be easily made at home. Most people would only need a blender, fruit and a base, such as water, milk or yogurt. Being able to create your own smoothies can do a lot to keep you on the right track towards good health.