Jaspers Bedtime Dream

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"Jaspers Bedtime Dream - How A Dinosaur Handles A Bully" is a children's story book about a fun loving adventurous little dinosaur named Jasper and the exciting experiences he ends up dreaming about after getting to bed after a long day playing with his toys. This book is intended to be enjoyed by parents and their children.
"Jaspers Sleepyhead Adventures - A Jasper The Dinosaur Book" is a children's story book about a fun loving adventurous little dinosaur named Jasper and the exciting experiences he ends up dreaming about after getting to bed after a long day playing with his toys. You and your children will love Jasper and his adventures, where Jasper encounters pirates and pirate adventures and exploring an island. Follow Jasper with this story about a dinosaur complete with a great lesson too. This is a children's book that can really bring parents and children together where both can enjoy Jasper's story.
Some features of this fun children's book: - 28 beautiful illustrations detailing Jasper's dinosaur adventures. A good story about a dinosaur to help engage any child and sustain interest. A book about dinosaurs for children - You and your child will enjoy reading this children's dinosaur adventure tale over and over. - For children aged 3-6. If you are looking for a childrens story that you and your child will both enjoy then get Jasper's Sleepyhead Adventures- A Jasper The Dinosaur Book . Pick up your copy of this children's book today!

Here Is An Excerpt From The Book

Mom tucked Jasper in. "Trevor said something today, and I got mad," Jasper said. "Did Trevor say he was sorry?" "No." "Well, I know you and Trevor will work things out. Take your time." Jasper closed his eyes. A raft bounced up and down on the clear blue water. Where am I? Jasper wiped his forehead He gulped some water from his green Dine-O-Myte bottle. Red and blue birds flapped overhead. Jasper waved to them, but didn't understand when they squawked at him.
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5.0 out of 5 stars - Cute, Beautifully Illustrated Children's Book By Melanie R. Jordan

"The illustrations alone would be enticing to the 3-6 year olds for whom the book was written, but Jasper's Sleepyhead Adventureshas a really cute story with lots of characters to match. A quality children's book which should easily become a bedtime favoriteof your little one!"

4.0 out of 5 stars - A Very Adventuresome Little Dinosaur! By AnnT

"A beautiful book to read to 4-8 year olds where Jasper goes on a very busy and adventure filled day. All sorts of little incidents make the story interesting and funny.The illustrations are a delight - big and bright - a good size for a tablet. The font is a good size as well so that a youngster can follow along with the words. I'll certainly be reading this to my Grandson next time we're together."

4.0 out of 5 stars - A great adventure Story! By Patricia T

"Who doesn't like dinosaurs and Jasper has quite the adventure! This story has a lot of action and also teaches the value of friendship. I am sure little ones will love it."

5.0 out of 5 stars - Jasper is One Adventurous Dinosaur! By Cathy Wilson

"Wow - Talk about a busy dinosaur. Great pictures and stories. I think this one is going to make lots of people smile. Good stuff!"

5.0 out of 5 stars - A Great Book to Bring Parents and Children Together By Don Taylor

"Jasper the Dinosaur has had a long day, and somehow gotten into an argument with one of his best friends, Trevor. As Jasper's momtucks him in for the night she gives him a word of encouragement. He closes his eyes and he is immediately off on a sleepy time adventure that includes pirates, pesky monkeys and even a dinosaur maiden in distress!"

"All comes out just fine in the end, demonstrating that good communications result in good relationships. The illustrations in this children's e-book are adorable (there is just no other word to describe them). I love the little "insider" details in many of the illustrations - like the poster of Godzilla on Jasper's bedroom wall."

"If you're looking for a children's book for 4-8 year olds - especially one with non-violent action & adventure, don't miss this one!"

5.0 out of 5 stars - Nice Adventure Story Book for Children By Jay

"This is a Fun Book for Children to read. Good Story, keeps you interested all along. Nice Illustrations in the Book."

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