Ned Campbell

As a professionally trained triathlete and anthropology major, Ned Campbell is a dedicated advocate of the healthy and sustainable Paleo lifestyle.

A native of the Colorado Rockies, Campbell originally discovered the Paleo diet during his father’s battle with Parkinson’s, and continues to spread the good word in the fight against degenerative diseases of all kinds.

An active outdoorsman and athlete, Campbell participated in endurance sports and training from a very early age, participating in his first marathon at 16.

Though he would not go on to become a renowned professional athlete, his early love for health and fitness would continue into his college career and throughout his life. Armed with an education focused on indigenous North American peoples, Campbell began to incorporate his extensive knowledge of human history with a growing passion for sustainable health.

At home in his Colorado residence, Campbell prepares healthy Paleo dishes for his two sons and their beagle, Rosy.